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Trigger Me

  Trigger Me Relax That’s the word my stepfather used before he started in on me. Relax Each and every time. Relax I knew what was coming. Relax I was just a kid. Relax The sexual abuse went on for three years. Before he touched me, he would always tell me to relax. I was […]

Again… What’s Next?

Four years ago I wrote a blog titled “What’s Next?” I had no idea what the future would bring but knew being elected as a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner would be an experience I would never forget. Politics, Covid, meetings, Stanley Park, media interviews, heat domes, golf courses, access, and talking and talking and talking […]

Sandra Third

My mother died on Wednesday. It’s weird to be saying this. It’s strange to be thinking about it. It’s too surreal for my mind to accept. I never met my mother. Well of course, that’s wrong. We met at the hospital on my birthday. Sadly, I will never know what happened that day. Did she […]

COVID and My Depression

Like so many others, I wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I get up and write. Lately my depression has been filling my 3am thoughts. COVID and My Depression My depression has been waiting on the sideline. Waiting for the chance to step up. Waiting for my guard to drop down. Waiting […]


She had the grace and elegance that made you think of women from another time. She was a force and hard to ignore. When the cardio doctor asked me questions about her I said she could be brittle. He laughed and said, “Yes she can be.” I explained that came because she could barely see […]

Respect and Dignity

In a world gone mad, we could all use a little respect and dignity. If your world has fallen apart, respect and dignity can sometimes make you feel yourself again. This week I went for a walk with one of my favourite clients. It was the day before he was moving from his beloved home, […]

Falling Through The Cracks

It’s easy to fall through the cracks during a worldwide pandemic. So much is based on the big picture. Governments move with the majority. Concerns are for the many. People in charge are responsible for overall numbers. I’m worried about the ones that get lost. Sometimes they fall so far behind we forget they were […]

More Than Sadness

My depression had been taking a respite for about 2.5 years. I knew it wasn’t gone but I was enjoying the vacation from the torment. I was enjoying the space to weather bad days without a wrecking ball crashing through. I was enjoying the quiet. Then COVID-19 hit. It brought along my depression. The creep […]

Timing is Everything

Timing is everything. Photography is often finding the perfect moment to take the shot. A sunrise, a gesture, a wave on the ocean, a deserted bridge. Sometimes you have to be patient to wait for the moment and sometimes you turn around and there it is. Life’s like that, timing is everything. We can be […]