Running with TEAM to be re-elected as a Vancouver Park Board Commissioner

2018 was a very good year!! 


Now I’m running and again with TEAM to be re-elected as a Vancouver Park Commissioner.    Vote on October 15th, 2022


Like you, I love Vancouver. I was born here and it’s been my home for most of my life. I hope you will join me to help make this city and it’s parks even better.  When asked why I want to be a Park Board Commissioner my first answer is always…

My work with the older adult and senior community is close to my heart. I believe this vibrant group needs a strong voice speaking on their behalf. I hope to be an advocate for those who have become invisible and whose voices have been diminished. We should be listening to their needs and concerns and then acting on those issues. I want to ensure we make our beautiful parks welcoming and safe for their enjoyment.

My community involvements have taught me how to compromise and find solutions. I would like to bring this type of approach if elected to the Park Board. There will always be differing ideas about what is best for various parks. Whether it’s ensuring our guest’s safety, mapping out new bike lanes or holding festivals, let’s work together to find the win-win. Let’s make sure we remember these parks are for everyone!

I have assisted the running and walking community in Vancouver to attempt to halt the paving of our park pathways. We need to find better answers about accessibility instead of laying down more pavement without thought of the impact for others. It is worth taking the time to find solutions that will work for everyone.

I have a deep connection with the local Scottish community, sit on various boards and am the past president of Vancouver’s first society, the St. Andrew’s & Caledonian Society. I’ve worked on the executive committee at the BC Highland Games for the past 10 years and put on events for the Simon Fraser University Centre for Scottish Studies.

Any free time I have is spent writing and walking this around this amazing city and talking photographs.

I hope this gives you a taste of what I want to do.

Here’s a link for some ways you can support my campaign.

The BEST way to support me is to cast a vote on October 15th!

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