Go Big Or Go Home Fitness

Like you, most people over the age of 50 notice their bodies changing. Is it still possible to be strong, active and fit? Is it possible to see concrete results when you are 70 or 90? Absolutely!

Measurable gains in all aspects of health can be realistic and achievable when a qualified trainer becomes your partner. She tailors a comprehensive approach for your age, unique needs and aspirations to impact your confidence, outlook and health.

Tricia Barker is a certified personal trainer specializing in the health, fitness and well-being of older adults since 1987. She assists and guides her clients to achieve a lifestyle that allows them to function to their highest potential.

Tricia believes that since everyone is unique, everyone deserves a unique approach. Her method is to discover how each client thinks and learns, what motivates and inspires them, and then she designs a program and pace that suits their needs. Beyond the competence, expertise and experience that ensure her clients’ progress and safety, Tricia is gifted with intangibles that can make all the difference – humor, compassion and an infectious enthusiasm for her work.

Sharing her clients’ delight and surprise at the obstacles they overcome and the objectives they achieve is her greatest reward.

For her clients’ convenience, Tricia comes to their home, private gym or business and brings everything required for a complete workout.

Tricia holds a “Specialist In Fitness for Older Adults” certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. She also carries complete insurance.

In addition, she holds advanced training expertise in the following:

Strength Training for Older Adults
Exercises for Knee and Hip Replacement
Effective Rotator Cuff Exercises
Golf Conditioning
Core Conditioning
Athletes over 50
Lifestyle Fitness
Parkinson’s Training
Meditation Practices

Tricia also assists clients dealing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS and other critical end of life diseases. This is an unusual aspect for a personal trainer, but Tricia has been helping clients in this regard for many years. Her base philosophy remains the same: to empower and assist her clients to realize their goals, whatever they may be.

For a no-charge consultation please contact Tricia at 604-876-9252 or tricia@triciabarker.com


Tricia trained my Mother, a beautiful active woman with Alzheimer’s disease, for about three years. At that time, Mom was experiencing an increasing sense of frustration over her fluctuating mental and physical abilities. Taking this into consideration, Tricia designed and implemented a fun, flexible no-fail workout that she altered, sometimes on a daily basis, according to Mom’s needs and ever changing moods. Not only did Mom’s strength, flexibility and balance improve but her self-esteem and sense of accomplishment soared with each successful workout.  Through laughter and music Tricia was able to connect with Mom in a very special way and their sessions were a favourite part of her week. She truly cared about Mom’s well-being and we are grateful for all that she brought to her life   ~ Penny K.

I have had Parkinson’s Disease for twenty years with all the attending physical challenges. A year ago, I had the good fortune to begin working with Tricia twice a week. The impact has been significant. With Tricia’s expertise and encouragement, I have experienced a marked improvement in mobility, balance and strength. Thank you, Tricia.  ~ Eric R.

Tricia really puts the “person” in Personal Trainer.  She works with my wife and me, creating and continuously updating an exercise program that keeps us challenged but meets our needs in terms of time available and our different physical goals.  With Tricia’s help, we’ve been able to ‘stick with it’ longer than we ever did before – still going “strong”! ~ Paul and Lynda C.