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Change Sucks

Why is change so difficult? Even if it’s something we want it can throw your life into chaos. If it’s something we don’t want, well then there’s a mountain of negative frenzy to plow through. I don’t like change. Negative or positive. But I also know that deciding not to change may be the worst […]

For Dad

Again, this weekend will be for Dad. My blog from last year, and I do believe I will be re-posting this every year! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ There was never any doubt I would be running the Salvation Army Santa Shuffle again this year. I also knew it would be the topic of my blog this week. As […]


This past week I read a Facebook post by someone I used to consider a dear friend. We don’t see each other anymore. He’s moved on. I find that often happens when a friend starts to date someone or even more dramatically, when they move in or get married to the love of their life. […]

Surrey International Writers’ Conference

It’s all about the people you’ll meet. That’s the power of the Surrey International Writers’ Conference. I’ve been attending the event since 2011 and this still holds true. Yes, in the end it will all be on my shoulders. As much as I don’t like this fact, it’s the truth. If I don’t write the […]

Say It Now

I’ve said this before but the message isn’t getting through. I was again struck by the outpouring when a celebrity dies. A mass amount of tributes and stories takes over social media. It happened last week when Tom Petty died. If the death is unexpected the jolt is real. One day you’re dreaming about seeing […]

I’m a Personal Trainer

It usually comes back to the basics. No matter how much I learn about the art of personal training the main facts never change. Get stronger, keep moving, and use your common sense. I add the philosophy that you should start by helping your client define their own goals. It doesn’t matter what I want, […]

Charles Hillman

“Charles Hillman was a true gentleman.” That was the comment most heard at Charles’ memorial service this past weekend. Saturday would have been his 100th birthday and Charles would have loved the hoopla! Charles passed away on June 28, 2017 (obituary) In August of 2013 I wrote a blog about this great man. Today, as […]

I’m Guilty

My year of medical issues had one final hurrah this past week. Why not go out with a bang? A minor cut became infected and landed me in the ER at Vancouver General. I won’t give you all the gory details but I’ll share that I’m embarrassed that what should have been a minor issue […]

Saying Thank You

Saying thank you. From the amount of cards I have in my arsenal, you can rest assured that I’m always ready to compose a heartfelt message when the need arises. This week there was a very good reason. My connection with a local doctor is that I train her mother. The relationship has gone on […]


I love experiencing life’s unusual happenings. In our interconnected world it’s good to travel down many paths. Empathy is best learned with knowledge. Sometimes the only way you really know about something is to walk the walk. Last week I had an MRI of my spine and brain. Lucky me… one hospital visit and two […]