Then Justin said…

Monday night I dreamt I met Justin Trudeau. Oddly enough, the incident happened at the Sea-To-Sky Gondola parking lot in Squamish. It’s weird how your brain mashes random thoughts together when you’re asleep.

Justin and I talked about his win. How being in the right place at the right time is everything. Fate, luck and a bit of planning. He seemed to think it was the same way with our meeting in that remote parking lot. Someone could take a picture of us chatting and assume we were friends. Assume we liked each other. That would be the message the image would convey.

And it would be wrong.

I woke up and decided to write one last blog about this election.

It embarrassed me.

It was one of the most negative campaigns I have ever witnessed and mostly directed at the Prime Minister. Relenting and divisive.

Is this what the future holds?

When Justin blabbed on about running a positive campaign he was correct. There was no need for him to say anything negative about Harper when the people of Canada were doing his dirty work.

It seemed that everyone that wasn’t for Harper was spouting off about the evils of this man. A terrorist, a racist, a killer and child hater. The way he was described he was no better than a murderer and should have been hauled off to jail years ago. Or burned alive at a stake. Or… or… or…

Or maybe politicians must never stay in power longer than eight years. Year nine seems to be a tipping point for them and us.

There was so much hate even Jon Oliver jumped on-board. That might have been the low point for me.

I only met one person that was pro-Justin but multitudes that were anti-Harper.

It’s sad that I smile at the few comments I’ve heard today about whether Justin will be able to keep his promises. Has the harsh reality of our next four years already started?

My only take away is a promise to myself to never go negative no matter what is going on around me. Cruel words can never be erased. I’ll even say that to knowingly let others fall into the trap doesn’t absolve you. I must be more responsible. I will not stir the pot based on my ideas and perceptions. Taking the high road will be difficult.

I pray none of you will ever be in a position where thousands of bullies decide to attack you.

In my dream Justin ends our chat and then steps onto a luxury cruise ship. There are some fancy and powerful people on board to greet him. He turns back to me, and says… “I ran a perfect campaign.”

Then he winked.



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