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So about this day job of mine, the bit about me being a personal trainer and having a company called Go Big Or Go Home. It’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for eighteen years. It takes up most of my time and I’m the better for it.

I rarely write about this part of my life.

I do love my job and know I’m lucky to have it. You see, I help make dreams come true.

Whether it’s about running 100 marathons or getting out of a bathtub unassisted. Whether it’s to lose a few pounds or win the long-drive in golf. Whether you want to be able to feed yourself without help or master paddle boarding.

Go Big Or Go Home has nothing to do with the size of your muscles but everything to do with the size of your dreams and sometimes the size of your heart.

My day job is better than almost anything….

And that is as far as I got writing before heading out for a walk to clear my head and get some inspiration.

2015-10-14 14.50.45

The view as I tried to think of something to write about.

An hour into my stroll I came across a couple of cyclist off their bikes and leaning against a wall in a really weird way. People were just walking past them. She was huddled over and looked like she was talking on a phone. Something wasn’t right. I walked over and asked if they needed help. She looked up and her face said it all.

He looked up and I knew.

Everything I learned at the CPR/First-aid training kicked in. We needed to get him on the ground before he fell. I got a passerby to move the bikes and we gently got him down. Then the quick check for apparent injuries. Telling her to relay what I was seeing to the 911 operator. Not much blood but obvious shock. Asking his name, day, our location… keep him talking as I did the protocol.

Funny how you just do it.

He had been hit by another cyclist and the crash was bad. His wife was behind him and saw it all.

Now he was just holding my hand, squeezing really hard.

He whispered, “You are so kind to help, so kind.”

“There is nothing more important right now than to make sure you’re OK, so I’m going to stay with you until help comes.”

And with that he started to cry. It was all I could do not to burst into tears myself. We all want someone to care.

But I had a job to do. I held his hand, calmed his wife and we waited for the professionals to arrive.

Thank God I’m a personal trainer that has been taught to step in when you see people in need.

My day job is better than almost anything…




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  1. Tara
    Tara says:

    First thing this morning I realized I hadn’t seen a blog from you yesterday. I had to check. This explains everything. What you’d been up to was so good.


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