Here is another excerpt from my book “The Long Game”, a memoir told in one page short stories.


I stalk my half-sister.  Facebook and Google have made this easy. She has no idea I exist.

Even better, her husband has no restrictions of what he puts up on his pages.  I’ve seen the whole family. I’ve looked at pictures of a nephew I share dna with.  I know his birthdate. My bother–in-law probably thinks he has nothing to hide.  Why would anyone ever stalk him?

I know my half-sister teaches Zumba. I’m not a big fan of Zumba. Funny, she is a little chubby.

As far as I can tell we look nothing alike.

I wonder how she will handle it when she finds out I exist.

One day I will admit I have been stalking her for years.

How could I not?

Only once has my sister put up a picture of her mother, yes, my birth-mother, on her Facebook page.  I think it was to celebrate Mother’s day. This is the only time I’ve seen my mother’s face.  It took my breathe away.

We look nothing alike. How sad.  How appropriate.

And do you want to know an embarrassing fact.  If my mother and her family looked rich and successful I might be tempted to contact them sooner rather than later.  I’m being completely honest here.  If it looked like there was some money involved I might not be able to hold back the temptation to milk that puppy.

But they look average.  From the holiday shots I can see they have an older car and trailer.  They go camping and take trips to the generic holiday places with good but basic sights to see.  Nothing exotic or fancy.

I wonder when the stalking will end.  I will not be surprised to read of my mother’s death on a Facebook update.  This is what it is to live in the world today.

Nothing really remains a secret.  My mother must live in fear each and every day.  Does she scan her daughter’s postings and pray family details aren’t released.

Will everyone be shocked when the truth comes out?

And yes, the truth will come out one day.

Not because I’m mean or vindictive or even curious.

The truth will come out because I’m sick and tired of being discounted.


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  1. cher staite
    cher staite says:

    Maybe they’re not hiding anything because they’re open to anything.
    You’ve pretty much gone public too. Whatever will be………..

    • Deb
      Deb says:

      Or maybe he’s not hiding anything because he doesn’t realize his wife is -notice she doesn’t have an open Facebook account! People don’t realize how much they are exposed by others on Facebook. They think they’re making a comment to close friends but if one of the close friends “replies” then all that person’s friends can see the original comment. I’ve seen a few posts that I’m sure the originator didn’t intend for public viewing.

  2. Lin
    Lin says:

    You are always so honest, Tricia. It will be so interesting when you do introduce yourself to them. Too too bad that your mother has been unwilling to share herself with you, and you with the family.

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      Thank you Lin. We all have such interesting lives… my book tells stories I hope most people can relate to. Haven’t we all wanted to be noticed? As for my birth-mother… she has her own life and no one should tell her what is right or wrong…. what only matters is what works for her. As always, thanks for your comments.

  3. Karyn
    Karyn says:

    I think their lives would be “richer” if they knew you Tricia. I don’t think anyone should be discounted.. if fact that is why I am searching for my father’s birth family. Even though he has died and I am sure his mother may not be living or extremely old, it is worth it to connect all the roots of the family tree 🙂 I hope the “stalking” will lead to a knock on a “real” door. Just think of the blog material you would have then 🙂 – Karyn

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      Karyn… good luck with your search. I am always struck with how many people deal with this type of situation. Interesting lives lead to interesting blog posts… how crazy has this day and age become!!!


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