January and Fitness

Mid-January and the fitness business is my type of juxtaposition.

The gyms are still full with people attempting to fulfil their pesky resolutions.

By this time next week the treadmills won’t have waiting lines and those Zumba classes will be thinning out. Many free-weights will be still. I bet the smoothie venders will also have time on their hands.

It only takes a few weeks for most people to decide that life is short and they should accept their vices.

Very few make it to the end of January with their promised health and fitness makeovers.

This coincides nicely with the return of the Cadbury Easter Eggs arriving at your local stores. Maybe you’ve lost a few of those pounds you put on at Christmas and want to give yourself a treat. And why not? You’ve been good for sooooo long…

People are always asking me if I get busy with newcomers in January. Luckily that has never been the case. The clients I work with are here for the long haul.

The work we do together concerns more of their on-going life rather than some knee jerk reaction to a holiday indulgence. A few waver a bit but it’s more of the ebb and flow of lives lived well rather than a reward and punishment regime.

Tomorrow, next week, next month, or mid-summer; only you will know when the time is right to change a habit or formulate a goal. January 1st is just a date. It’s not the beginning or the end.

More often, I’ll have a meeting with someone that has been meaning to call me for ages. For some reason they haven’t made the connection. Then they do. And we start.

That‘s when the time is right. That’s when goals are made and plans put into place. That’s when promises are kept.

I see resolve and hard work and determination. I’m in awe as I watch barriers fall. I get to watch people win.

My clients and I laugh at the new people we see crowding into the gym. We know in a couple of weeks we will have the space to ourselves again.

And part of me is a little sad to know how many dreams of victory are being abandoned.

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