Did I mention my cardiologist is handsome?

And are you aware that hospital gowns are never flattering?

I didn’t say either of these as I sat in the St. Paul’s Hospital Nuclear Medicine Ward yesterday. There wasn’t any idle chatter amongst the patients. Most looked scared or bored. The wait between IV insertions, scans, treadmills, dye injections and more scans was draining. Add in the fact no one was allowed caffeine and you have a toxic mix of dread and wanting to take a nap.

It’s hard to believe that the pain I’ve felt since September has landed me with this lot. But I like to look at the upside. Did I mention my cardiologist is handsome?

For a person that likes watching people and their reactions to life this experience is priceless.

I liked how quiet everyone was. I guess when it comes to heart problems the stakes are higher and fear floats close by.

Hell, even my jokes can’t hide that I’m well aware I don’t go anywhere without my nitro spray.

My favourite part of the day was sitting in the waiting room putting in time before my next procedure. In the corner was a TV to help keep us occupied. CBC was airing the newsfeed from France. The young man that hid the customers at the grocery store was being awarded citizenship and declared a hero. The story went on to say Lassana Bathily claimed he was not a Muslim helping Jews but someone helping a fellow human. I looked over to the older lady sitting in the corner, our eyes met and I nodded. She nodded back. We might both be here looking like crap in our hospital gowns but there were still good things going on in the world.

Too many times during the last few months I’ve been asked if I’m frustrated with the wait for tests and doctor’s appointments and answers. Maybe I’m naïve, but my only response if that I’m grateful to live in Canada.

Well that and the luck of having a handsome cardiologist.

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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    I’ve spent a lot of time in waiting rooms watching the little tv in the corner. And I have to say my favourite part of the day is leaving it! But I’m also very grateful to live in Canada.

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      Thanks for this and all the messages. I’m sure I will be fine, but I DO appreciate all the concern. (Surprised no one asked for the name of my doctor!!)


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