It’s a crime…

Someone is bound to notice how tired I look today. Last night I did something I hadn’t done for years, and I blame it all on Kokanee Beer.

I stayed up for hours reading the crime fiction novel, “Confined Space” by Deryn Collier. The evening began with whisky, not beer, and it was the story that caused the problem.

It started at the CUFFED meeting. Yes, CUFFED, the name of the crime writer’s festival coming to Vancouver. I was meeting with the people involved, wondering where I would fit into the team. A brief summary of my background included my twenty years of work on the Kokanee Beer commercials. Lonnie Propas jumped up and grabbed a book from the selves in the hall, “You’ll want to read this if you spent any time at the Columbia Brewing Company in Creston.”

That was enough of a recommendation for me.

By page two I was back at the brewery (or at least this small town brewery based in the Kootenay’s from the book) and by the end of the first chapter I was hooked. So I read and read and read.

I was reminded how much I love murder and guessing games and smart people trying to figure out the answers. So many books I read are based in Scotland. It was fun to have one take place in an old stomping ground close to home.

And what a great perk to be working on a project where I will have access to some of the best crime fiction novels in print. I am already CUFFED.

I want to meet Deryn Collier and find out more. I want to read more of her tales.

But right now, I just want another venti coffee to help me make it through the day without my head nodding and my mind slipping back to the murder and mayhem in a little town.

What will keep me awake tonight?


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  1. Lin
    Lin says:

    I, too, love reading, Tricia. I just spent half an hour at the library (on-line) putting holds on some more of the books I want to read.


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