Free advertising

How annoyed would you be if the Bay, or the Gap, or Target, sewed a tag onto the clothes you buy? A little ad saying where you bought this shirt or pair of pants. And what if the patch was front and center, visible to all. How would you like “bought at Target” written on the seat of your new pants?

I bet the moment you got home you would remove the label. Or better still, you would demand the store never did it in the first place. Who would stand for this?

No one wants to be a walking billboard? And yes, you may show off a Hugo Boss shirt and logo, but would you promote that you bought it at Oakridge Shopping Centre? Probably not.

But we do it all the time. On our cars.

Drive around and see how many people have license plate holders that advertise the car dealership where they bought the vehicle. Its standard practice for the auto dealer to add this to your car when they offer to put your plates on. How helpful. How kind. How conniving.

It is the easiest way to transform customers into moving billboards to promote a business. Brilliant.

People balk at ads on their Facebook pages, get annoyed at the endless commercials on tv, but don’t even notice the barrage of marketing on almost every auto you see on the road. Drive around and take a look. You will be shocked.

And next time you go to your own car, take a screwdriver and remove the advertising from your own transportation. Or better yet, send an invoice to the car dealer asking for payment for carrying his “message” and promoting his business each and every day.

I love brilliant marketing schemes. But I hate sheep.


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