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You should follow me. And, no, I don’t mean on Twitter or Instagram, even though new followers do make me smile. No, you should follow me in-person during a normal, walking around day. I come across some very interesting people.

I’m kinda lucky that way.

Yesterday I was reminded of this when I booked my room at the Sheraton Guildford for the Surrey International Writers conference. Maryam from the front desk took my reservation. We know each other well. If you had been with me two years ago, you would have witnessed her pulling a stunt that gained enough attention to have her named Tourism Employee of the Year. She saved my butt and located my lost Visa. Saved my hotel stay by stepping up and helping out. She impressed us all.

And then there was Ally, the young man who went above and beyond in helping me set up my new mobile phone. Even the top brass at Rogers took note of what he did. You would have loved watching that! He did the impossible and got me trained on a smart phone. He also did it with great style and patience.

Just normal days and some incredible people.

What about the two motorcycle policemen I crossed paths with? I caused an accident and they not only cleared the road, made everyone safe, and got traffic moving but they took the time to sit on the curb beside me while I cried, comforted me by saying “it was just an accident”, and then got me headed home in the cab with a wave and a “take care of yourself.”

These are the types of people you would get to meet if you followed me.

And guess what, I meet helpful, kind, fascinating people all day long. They are everywhere I go.

Like Sean at the local Safeway, or Frank on the bench up in Kerrisdale, or the lady giving a wave when I let her car merge into my lane this morning.

They are everywhere.

I bet if I followed you I would meet the same type.

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  1. Lin
    Lin says:

    We really do meet people whose energy matches what we put out in the world! And this just helps prove it! Sweet karma, ma cousine!


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