Father’s Day, Funerals and Festivals

A train of thought is a funny thing.

I was thinking about my Dad on Father’s Day. He’s been gone for five years so the grief has faded and is probably replaced with nostalgia more than anything else. I remember the things he said, the way he was and the impact he had on my life.

I also remember his memorial. Dad told me he didn’t want one. The family went against his wishes. I sat quietly.

There’s a big event happening at the BC Highland Games this weekend. The celebration proclaiming the Honourable John A. Fraser is named Chieftain of the Day at the 2014 Games.

It has been fun to help organize this. From the moment I put forth John’s name to the Board everyone has stepped up to do something to thank him for his help with various Scottish groups in the Lower Mainland. This Sunday we will let John know how much we appreciate him. And rightly so; time is a-wasting.

This spurred on the train of thought and got me thinking. Why don’t we do this for more people around us? Too often the thanks and accolades happen at a funeral. We talk about how great so-and-so was when they aren’t there to hear the words. We gush on about how much we loved them and tell stories of past times. Aren’t we missing the point?

Why wait? Why not say all these words to the people around you that you would say at their funeral or memorial service or amongst mutual friends missing a comrade?

Isn’t it better to have cherished loved ones know how you feel? Forget just the loved one… I want all my friends and acquaintances to know.

Every day I told my Dad how much he meant to me…. how much I loved him. I celebrated the fact.

And this weekend many kilted men will be throwing a caber ceremoniously named after John A Fraser. And it won’t be called the John A Fraser “memorial” caber…. John will be there to see it happen.

Spending time with my Dad (2008)

Spending time with my Dad (2007)

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  1. Karyn
    Karyn says:

    great blog Tricia.. and I agree.. do things for people while they are still on the planet ..It will be an honour to present and show him the Caber we have named after him…Although since he is with us,.. I like John A. Fraser Challenge Caber 🙂
    I hope he likes it and will be thrilled when it is tossed for the first time in his honour
    Saturday will be a great day to say thank you and how much we appreciate this awesome man

  2. Donald
    Donald says:

    and this afternoon David and I felt so good listening to you commend our approach to our work and how your neighbour came around to your view too. Yea, ….at the moment expressions don’t go unheard eh. Seems like the way to go . Way to go Tricia!


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