Buddhist Easter Eggs

Easter is very different than Christmas. It’s easy to be a Tibetan Buddhist at Christmas.

Easter… not so much.

Or maybe it’s just the Christians I spend my time with. For the last week they’ve been wailing at how we’ve forgotten what Easter is all about.

Maybe they haven’t been watching the TV coverage because I’ve seen lots of reports from the Vatican and too many people carrying around huge crosses.

So we’ve not forgotten the big resurrection thing… it’s just that many of us don’t care. And we’re too busy eating Cadbury Eggs.

Much in the way you don’t really care about parts of my religion.

And that’s OK.

I accept I’m part of a minority group. The latest polls put Tibetan Buddhists at less than one percent in Canada.

And that’s OK.

This is not a popularity contest. And even though majority usually rules the day, we’re lucky to be in a country where we get the right to pray however we want.

We also get to celebrate the holiday however we want.

I realize Christians started this entire Easter thing and as majority rules we’re going to celebrate the time with holidays, family meals and lots of people going to church.

And that’s OK.

I’ll even wish you well. It’s what we Tibetan Buddhists do.  We try to be kind.

So please don’t rant at me.

And don’t tell me not to do the “Easter Egg” thing.

These are the eggs I took to the dinner I attended on Sunday. Each was filled with a huge hunk of blue cheese. The hostess loved them! Yes, she’s a big fan of blue cheese.

egg for blog crop

Agreed, it had nothing to do with all that was going down at the Vatican. But it was a wonderful meal with dear friends. Lots of yummy food. Too much blue cheese. And a Cadbury Egg for dessert.

I felt blessed.

And that’s more than OK.


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