Are you sure?

Today the airwaves are filled with comments about the Scottish Referendum Vote. September 18th will be their defining day. I’ve been watching the debate for a year and it’s been intense. But whatever Scotland decides isn’t going to make a difference here in Vancouver. We get to vote for our own future on November 15th.

I’m getting prepared.

This past weekend I got to chat with Kirk LaPointe. He seems like a lovely man.

He wants to be Vancouver’s mayor.

The story of his childhood, living in poverty with a single mom, brought back too many memories. I would have liked to hear more about how he has survived and thrived.

His concern for our children was his first message. I believed him.

His speech to the small gathering at the Kerrisdale home covered all the points. We heard about his impressive background. And I have to jump in and say it was impressive to me because it included the aspects I look for. Kirk has a background in publishing; he’s a journalist, was an ombudsman, and even teaches ethics and leadership. He likes to read. He has a twitter account. He is a family man. I wasn’t impressed with his enjoyment of boxing, but no one’s perfect.

I was surprised to find out we are the same age.

Then the conversation focused on the fight ahead. What was going to be needed for Kirk to reach his goal? What he would do if he won? What were his plans and aspirations for my Vancouver? Did they seem doable? Reasonable?

Bottom line: Kirk LaPointe seems like a very smart and good man. I would give him the keys to my car.

Another bottom line: I like Kirk LaPointe and will probably vote for him. And until the election I will tell people to find out more about Kirk. We need leaders like this.

The last bottom line: I believe Kirk LaPointe has integrity. I hope I’m right.

And my message for Kirk…

“Are you sure you want to do this? I like you. It’s going to get ugly. Politics and elections have become breeding grounds for trolls and evil. So really, I’ll ask again…”

“Are you sure?”

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