Write it down

Why can’t I remember the perfect blog topic I thought of this morning?

This seems to be a writer’s dilemma.

So I went to a local craft store and bought a dry-erase board. I hung the board in my shower. It dawned on me that I have many ideas while standing there without a pen or paper in sight. Too many times I’m left repeating a “great line” over and over again hoping I remember it by the time I get to my desk. Too many times the words have been forgotten.

Now I have no excuse.

This may sound practical or it may sound crazy.

It’s a bit of both.

It’s also accepting that a perfect idea can be fleeting. Or at least an idea can be fleeting. It can take a while to discover if the idea is great or not.

With this blog, my new book, and all the various other writing I work on each day, I can’t have ideas getting lost. Many are washed away and spiral down my shower’s drain.

Who knows, this might lead to me making a grocery list or notes about my personal training clients on the board. Or “Increase Daphne’s plank time”, or “Buy milk”, or “More BOSU ball exercises for Pat”.

It might mean I spend more time in the shower. I look forward to messages from the “green” fanatics that believe we need to conserve water (don’t fret, I own a low-flow showerhead… save your complaints for someone else).

When I was young I don’t remember the need the write everything down. And there lies the issue, I can’t even remember that.

Reality check: I take long showers and I am an old writer.

Ready for some inspiration.

Ready for some inspiration.



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  1. Wendy Fay
    Wendy Fay says:

    Join the club !!
    I have to write everything down, but I had not thought about your shower idea !!
    Don’t let the water run cold.

  2. Pat
    Pat says:

    Nice one! No need to think up more Bosu exercises for Pat. I have it on good authority that Pat is full up with Bosu things. Don’t the words come off in the shower??


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