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There are all types of writing. For me, the focus is on the task at hand. A business report will never look like the frenzied scratches so often found in my personal journal. The stories for my books will go far deeper than my blog. And notes to close friends will show a personal side few ever see. Little did I know a contest entry would merge all five.

Ken Wyder introduced his writing contest on radio station CNNW. I was listening. He wanted people to share their personal stories about Vancouver.

“Why Vancouver, Why You”

By the end of Ken’s plea for entries I knew what I would write about. It was a given.

What wasn’t a given was my reaction when the next round of the contest came about and the stories were posted for the world to see.

I had written Vancouver Echos as a very personal reflection on what haunts me every day. The words come much closer to my heart than I usually share with the people outside of my close circle.

So what happens now?

I swallow my fear and step forward. I go on-line and ask people to vote for my entry. I put my need to hide under a pillow aside and ask people I have never met to read my words.

If the story touches your heart please vote for it.

No one has ever said writing is easy. No one has ever said showing your tears is easy.

What should be easy is showing what is in your heart.



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