Aliens and Conspiracies

Maybe I really do have a writer’s mind. Or maybe it’s just the pressure to produce a blog each week… but I’m always looking and listening for bits to write about.

Lately I’ve been having lots of health problems and spending too much time in hospitals and my doctor’s office.

I was there again yesterday.

My iron levels are dangerously low and the issue has been a part of some on-going concerns. Ever since I’ve had this “ailment” I’ve noticed many other people seem to have the same test results. We’re all taking iron supplements.

At first I thought this was just that weird phenomenon: you know, as soon as you think about buying a red car all you notice are all the red cars on the road. Once something has come into your consciousness you see it everywhere.

I was happy to think this was just a fluke.

Then I asked my doctor, “Have you noticed lots of people with really low iron levels these days?”

“Now that you mention it… yes, I have.”

“Wow, aren’t you concerned? Is it some freaky thing in our food supply or maybe the way aliens are trying to kill us and take over the planet?”

She looked straight at me, never smiled, and said, “You should look into that.”

“The food thing or the alien thing?”

“The alien thing.”


I may have just discovered this earth-shattering bit of information and the one person that might be able to help me save the world is telling me to deal with it myself?

If there really are alien creatures ready to pounce after we all become too weak to care, I say, “Clever one you guys… we never saw this coming.”

Well I did, but was just too tired to do anything more than write a blog about it.

  • Michael Francis

    OMG!! My doctor said exactly the same thing. It’s them! They’ve known about it all along. Bloody NDP!! Where are my pills??…

    • Michael! You’ve cracked the code!! RUN!!!!!!!!

  • Lin

    Tricia, I’m sorry to know you have some health concerns. I hope you get some answers, and regain your energy and good health. xo

    • Hi Lin… I am on the slow road to recovery so all is good!!

  • Gord

    I hate ironing.

    • I believe this makes you the alien.