Deep Fried Mars Bars

Most will think I’m going to blog about writing the test for my Personal Training re-certification. It was a grueling few hours on the long weekend and I hate taking tests. A predictable and timely subject.

Fortunately that was not the highlight of my weekend.

I spent too many hours watching the NASCAR race from Darlington. It’s the track they call “Too Tough to Tame” and the broadcast this year was all retro. For someone that started watching NASCAR back in the 80’s this was a dream come true. All the cars had old style paint jobs. The drivers sporting old fashioned looking racing gear and the announcers dressed in some of the finest disco wear I’ve seen for a long time.

NBC added the old peacock logo into all their promos and hyped up every angle of the broadcast to make the throwback fully dimensional.

For PNE Nascar blog #3Coke aired the famous Mean Joe Greene ad!

For PNE Nascar blog #1The best part of the whole show was when they brought back three of the sports now retired announcers to call the race for almost an hour.

Ken Squier, Ned Jarrett and Dale Jarrett’s voices took me back to the reason I first started watching the sport, (I was in love with a man that loved racing) and a reminder how much we’ve all aged. (I’m now so old and jaded that I’d never watch hockey no matter how much I loved a man.)

For PNE Nascar Blog #2During this part of the broadcast everyone seemed to get teary eyes. It was a great tribute to one of the USA’s biggest sports and done in a way only the Americans can seem to pull off.

I enjoyed it all. Well, all except Dale Earnhardt Jr. not winning.

But what I loved even more was celebrating my own personal throwback. This past week I went to the PNE for the first time in years. The sights, the sounds, the Super-Dogs and this year even some Super Heroes.

For PNE Nascar blog #6There is nothing better than sharing some poutine or a deep-fried Mars Bar with a dear friend.For PNE Nascar blog #4It might not be what you would expect from someone that got 96% on a personal training course…

But it IS what you would expect to be the one thing to make me smile again.

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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    This made me smile too – from the title (yummy) right on down to the very end (96% – NICE!!). And I think I’ll probably be smiling for quite a while.

    Thanks Tricia!

  2. Michael Francis
    Michael Francis says:

    Terrific Tricia. A very well-written, amusing bridge between seemingly unrelated events. It was a great weekend. Congratulations. 96%. Wow!!


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