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I want to spend more time with people who tell me to jump. I think most who live up here in Tofino are those types. Luckily my good friend and writing/traveling buddy is of the same ilk.

For Feb 4 blog #6

The view from Long Beach Lodge on Vancouver Island, BC.

I’ve spent too much time over the last while worrying about my health and hanging around hospitals for annoying tests. It’s a much healthier situation to be here. Jumping.

Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about sound judgment. I am talking about: why not?

You can sit in your room and look out at the view or you can pack up your Nitro spray, make sure your hiking boots are well tied, and head out to the rocky point where the waves are crashing and the sun is shining.

For Feb 4 blog #4You can say “thank you” when your waiter offers to keep an extra piece of your favourite pie for you to enjoy tomorrow.For Feb 4 blog #3You can do the final read through of your book and make the decision to tell the truth.

You can take a sip of Octomore whisky.

You can take time off work and know the financial hit won’t cause a ripple in your life as a whole.

You can meet a little boy that loves penguins and spend time walking like those crazy birds around the restaurant. His laughter will be worth the waddle.

You can swallow your fear about being cold and beaten by the waves and head out to the beach when your favourite waiter/bartender/instructor, Davin, offers to take you surfing.

For Feb 4 blog #12

Yes you can Gerry!

You can write a story for an important literary contest and hit “send”.

You can order that third (or fourth) beer knowing you are staying at the Long Beach Lodge and your room is a mere 50 steps away.

For Feb 4 blog #7For Feb 4 blog #8

You can let Gerry take your picture while you type. And then ask to have the camera back before he takes an incriminating shot.


You can make one last trek out to that rocky point even though a big storm is coming in…

For Feb 4 blog #9Or you can sit at home and wait for the test results.

Jump. You can.

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  1. Wendy Fay
    Wendy Fay says:

    What a great blog !! Yes, life goes by awfully fast, especially as we get older.
    Seize the day, as they say !!
    Thinking of you, and wishing you the best possible news from your tests !!
    xo Wendy


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