Music and Cheese

I went to a Grammy Awards party on the weekend. It was lovely. The host served some tasty cheese.

A perfect evening, especially if you love music and cheese as much as I do.

It was fun to hear the opinions of the other guests as the different acts performed and won trophies. It was a gathering of passionate music lovers.

Music can bring people together or tear them apart. Maybe that’s another reason why I like it so much. Everyone has a favourite. Too bad they think I should also follow along with their tastes. I am not swayed easily.

Music is a bit like food. Highly personal. For instance, I hate raspberries. Nothing is more annoying than when I tell someone this and they inform me that raspberries are delicious. Wrong! YOU think raspberries are delicious. The taste makes me want to puke.

Like Taylor Swift. I enjoy hating her music. I tend to bond with the people that agree with me and dis the people that like her. This is fun. But the reality is I don’t really care who you like as long as you don’t make me listen to something I don’t enjoy. And trust me, no amount of listening to Bob Dylan or jazz will convert me.

I like Ed Sheeran, Adele, Bruno Mars, Amanda Marshal, Bruce Guthro, Andrew Mockler, Adam Levine and YoYo Ma to name a few. Many singer/songwriters and a cello player. I also enjoy music that makes me smile, thank you Pharrel. I like you even when you get political and religious on award shows.

I love music and it has the power to make me happy. I find this magical.

My first real job was at a recording studio. I worked there for ten years. The best days were spent in the studio when great vocals were being recorded. Magic did happen. It was a blessing to hear this happen again and again.

Music makes my life good. Add in some cheese and you have something stellar.




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