Save A Monkey

Every two years I’m required to get re-certified as a personal trainer. The courses I take for this reflect my client’s needs and wants.

Eighteen years ago I took the basic course from the International Sports Sciences Association. These are the people that make sure I now stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the industry. Very soon I upgraded my certification to “Specialty in Older Adults” to reflect the bulk of my clientele.

Looking back, the courses I have taken have mirrored my work. “Training Techniques for Golf”, “Rotator-Cuff Injury Recovery”, “The Mind/Body Approach to Getting Fit”, “The Alzheimer’s Client”, “Knee/Hip Replacement Recovery” and even a full week of boot-camp training in Malibu!

The knowledge I gain from the input is huge and it adds to what I can offer my clients.

This summer I’m taking an advanced course on “Dumbbell Training”.

Every two years I’m also required to get my CPR re-certified. I love this. Who wouldn’t want to be prepared to save a life? This is the second time I’ve taken the training from a fireman! If you ever have to take a CPR course find a company like Link2Life. Not all their instructors are fireman but I lucked out and signed up to the course Scott was teaching.

CPR blogIt was three hours filled with all the practical information you want/need, as well as all the anecdotes a person on the front line can give. Scott was very hands on and didn’t make the workshop easy. He wanted us to know how tough saving a life is. He had us giving chest compressions to those crazy dummies for a full 5 minutes. I found out how quickly your hands begin to ache and your shoulders give out. But you must keep going. Hopefully 911 has been called and help is on the way. Until then you just keep thumping.

We also had the chance to train for child/infant CPR. It was a full class and they ran out of dolls for people to practice on. I got to “save” a monkey. I’m sure he is now doing fine and leading a productive life because of my intervention!

Monkey blogAnd that was the point that Scott really drove home. Near the end of the class he drew a graph to show us the impact CPR can make. His voice carried the power of someone who’s been there. He’s saved lives. And his message to us…

“Don’t give up. Don’t stop. Even if it hurts and you’re tired… keep going until help arrives.”

Scott made us believe we just might be able to save a life.




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  1. Deb
    Deb says:

    “Don’t give up. Don’t stop. Even if it hurts and you’re tired… keep going until help arrives.”

    Words to live by…and not just for CPR


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