A Miracle

There are two things close to my heart, the notion that one person can make a difference and above all else, the fact that we need to be taking better care of our children. All our children.

This week a friend crammed both of these ideas into one Facebook post. It made me cry. It made me proud to know this man. And it made me wonder what else can be accomplished.

The short version of the story: Hubert Wat is a life-long, passionate, Kansas City Chiefs fan. He hated that the team played a version of the Gary Glitter song, “Rock & Roll Park II” during their football games. He wrote and asked them to stop because Glitter is in jail for committing unforgivable abuses on children and each time the song was played Glitter got paid. On Friday they agreed. If you compare Mr. Wat’s letter and the Chief’s announcement it is obvious they took note and highlighted some of the exact issues he voiced.

You might think this is beyond amazing, but there is more; Mr. Wat has gotten other companies to follow suit. And it’s all so this monster, Gary Glitter, will not get any more money.


Yes, this seems like a no-brainer, but we should never be complacent and OK with people that abuse children being rewarded in our society. We need to stop it.

The victims are forever scarred.

There was a common phrase that my abusive step-father would say to me and for years after I left home I flinched whenever I heard those words. Even if someone else said them I was thrown back into that hell. I hope Gary Glitter’s victims never have to hear his song. And that is a good enough reason to ban it everywhere.

There are other celebrity perpetrators that continue on after being accused of harming a child. Mr. Wat makes me believe there is a chance I could write a letter and make this insanity stop.

He gives me hope.

By the way, I’ve always called him Mr. Wat and he has always called me Ms. Barker.

From now on I might start calling him, Mr. “I Perform Miracles” Wat.


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