New Shoes

I needed new shoes.

The invitation to take part in the opening ceremonies at the Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games was not to be taken lightly. At least not by me. And how could I refuse after receiving the lovely request from the Games President, Kate Freeburg.

I am invited to be an honoured guest.

For this event I knew I would need new shoes. There would be hours of walking around the fairgrounds and grassy fields. Then the all-important ceremony. And as luck would have it, the day would be ridiculously hot!

I’m like you and have watched many an opening ceremony. We’ve all seen people do this well and do it poorly. We’ve all seen dignitaries at events looking bored. I always want to yell, suck it up! Don’t show up if you won’t be engaged.

When I stand on that stage I want to show respect. Again, it’s all about intent.

So…I sing the four national anthems, bow my head for the invocation, and really listen to each speech. Smile. Ignore the sun. Applaud each gun salute! (Did I mention there were four national anthems?)

People have put days and months into making this moment. Show them it is important and I care.

And I do… I’m honoured to be there.

Every guest in every situation has a part to play. Whether you are invited to a friend’s home for dinner or an official ceremony. How we act shows how we feel.

On Sunday I drove for 8 hours to attend these Scottish Games. Who knew my role as President of the St. Andrew’s & Caledonian Society would entail such days.

It was worth every mile….even if no one noticed my new shoes.

Some new friends


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