I’m Stuck

This winter has been harsh for a great many people. We’re inundated with pictures of the snowstorms that have caused the havoc. Too many people bundled up and too many videos of cars spinning their wheels and folks calling out, “I’m stuck!”

Things are a little different out here on the west coast. The only people I see that are stuck are the ones that come calling because I’m a personal trainer. That’s when I get to hear woeful, post-holiday season stories.

Trust me; sometimes the scenarios can be interchangeable.

Making your way in a blizzard or trying to lose weight and get fit have too much in common.

My first and most important tip in both cases would be, face facts.

Winter Storm: If the snow is covering your car, the roads are not plowed and the police are sending out warnings, don’t go out! Stay inside unless it’s an emergency.

I Can’t Stop Eating: If your clothes don’t fit, you can barely walk up a flight of stairs and the pizza delivery person knows your name, stop eating now! Go outside and start walking unless it’s an emergency (and don’t just head to the neighbourhood Dairy Queen).

My second and most important tip in both cases would be, don’t be in denial.

Winter Storm: Heed the warnings. You knew this was coming when you listened to the weather report. Make sure you have food, think like a boy scout and be prepared. Winter happens every year. What did you expect?

I Can’t Stop Eating: Heed the warnings. You knew this was coming when you decided to eat everything in sight. Don’t have crap food in your house and be prepared. Your weight gain happens every Christmas. What did you expect?

My third tip in both cases, don’t panic.

You’re smart. Don’t spin your wheels. Don’t buy into some crazy diet plan. Don’t think you can get rid of two feet of snow in one week. Don’t think you can get rid of 10 pounds of fat in one week. Common sense will win the day. Right now things may look bleak, but days and weeks from now, if you are calm and patient and diligent, this will just be a bad memory.

Before you know it you will be unstuck.



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