Morally Wrong

When is laughing at something “morally wrong”, wrong?

When my friend uses “hand quotes” to warn me that his next comment or sentence will be “morally wrong”, why do I laugh even harder?

Am I morally wrong?

When did our society become so politically correct?

Or maybe so incorrect?

I can sit here in the privacy of my own apartment and laugh until I cry at my friend’s off coloured jokes and commentaries.  He’s a creative man with the ability to do spot on accents.  Get him started on a topic and his knack for improv will take over and no one can predict what comes out of his mouth.  Appalling, hilarious, cringe-worthy and side-splitting.

I would hate for anyone to know what we are laughing about.  Most topics hedge on something considered “morally wrong”. Or maybe just things we have heard about and would never voice, repeat or laugh at.  Some themes go over the line.

Yes, “morally wrong”.

As I write this, part of me is still giving a little giggle as I recall the look on his face when he makes those hand quotes and gets the twinkle in his eye before he speaks.

Is it like when we were children and swore for the first time?  We were doing something forbidden. Say a naughty word and then fall into gasps of laughter.  But also afraid an adult would hear and we would be in trouble.

Maybe we never grow up?

The “politically correct police” are all around and ready to pounce.

Sitting at home and busting a gut over something “morally wrong” is a little wrong.

And I’m OK with that.

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