Fear This


The disease seems to be coming into its own these days. When you get so many mentions on the Academy Awards you know you have arrived.

For anyone that didn’t see the Oscar broadcast, I recommend watching the song Glen Campbell wrote about his slow wander down the cruel Alzheimer path. For my money it should have won the statue. I’m Still Here

But I digress… as I often do. Or maybe I just lost my train of thought.


My dad had the disease as well as a few of my clients.  It is a formidable foe and worthy of our fear. It is relentless. It is a mystery. People often say they fear the unknown. This time they are correct. Be afraid.

We spend so much time talking about terrorists and ISIS, but Alzheimer’s, and not a suicide bomber, has a better chance to hurt your family.

It’s hurt my family. And every day I see the pain it is causing for the people I know. The tentacles seem to be spreading like a cancer. Not just destroying our cells, but ripping apart the heart of each person it touches.

Alzheimer’s has taught me the true meaning of non-attachment. It didn’t matter that I was a daughter; it only mattered that I was kind.

We older people run around in fear when we can’t remember where we left our keys or the woman’s name at the store. When we forget what we had for breakfast yesterday or what that damn singer’s name was that sang the Glen Campbell song of TV. When our minds only see fog we panic. Is this it? Is it my turn? Is this the start? Fear.


We need to fix this. I hope we start to commit money and research and time.

Now… before we forget how afraid we are.


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  1. Cathy neumann
    Cathy neumann says:

    Beautifully stated, Tricia! I appreciate and resonate with your heartfelt entries and always look forward to reading them. Your an excellent observer of life with all of it’s joys and sorrows.

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      Thank you Cathy… when I sit down to write each week I am often faced with the thought of “why bother?”. Comments like yours make me glad I invested the time.


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