Good Gossip

Haven’t we all been taught that gossip is bad? I love that even the Oxford Dictionary has it’s say about the word.Gossip BlogThis week I was reminded that gossip can be a good thing. Talking about people you know can be positive…

And it all started off with another of my evening walks. I was strolling through the local neighbourhood. The views are spectacular and it’s fun to look at some of the big houses.

The view from this evening's walk.

The view from this evening’s walk.

I’m not the only one that does this and crossed paths a couple of times with a man also out for a stroll. As we passed by each other again I laughed and asked if he was following me? He smiled back and asked the same.

I was wearing a shirt with the SFU Centre for Scottish Studies logo and that prompted him to tell me about his recent trip to Scotland. The conversation was just getting started.

We stood on the corner for almost 30 minutes chatting about shared acquaintances. This man knew some of my more prominent clients. Vancouver can seem like a very small town where in certain circles everyone seems to know everyone.

Good gossip at its best. The ripple had been started.

When I got home I immediately googled the man and yes… he was who he said he was. (Am I wrong to do this? It seems weird but it’s such an easy way to fact-check. And so helpful when pictures are also shown.)

I then emailed the two people we had chatted about and shared with them the lovely things that had been said. Shared the words that were used to describe them, “man of high integrity”, “extremely intelligent”, and “honourable” to name a few.

The ripple was now gaining a little momentum.

It didn’t take long before I got replies and I could feel the smiles in the words of thanks.

It’s not often we hear about the conversations people are having about us. It’s not often we want to hear what people gossip about.

I can’t wait to run into that man again and tell him how his idle gossip about two colleagues had brought so much joy.

It’s now confirmed, I love good gossip.



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