Note to self: If you don’t like something… change it.

It might take some work and sometimes you won’t succeed, but one person can make a difference.

As I write this I laugh because I hate change. I never opt for something different and the thought makes me sick.

I hang on to the known. I love traditions.

Over the last few weeks I have had to deal with too many changes. Even if the change is an improvement I know it will take me a long time to accept the “new”.

Example one: My new car. If you had ever seen my old car it would be hard to accept I miss it and question this new beast. Heated seats, who cares? The new car smell, who cares? Sun roof, who cares? Yes, in the end I will love all of this, but I still miss the old Honda. Change is tough when precious memories are involved.

Example two: Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show! How can this be acceptable to anyone? It was tough enough to get through his hiatus last year but now he’ll be gone forever. Wrong wrong wrong. And as for my dream of having Jon interview me about my book, how will that ever happen now?

Example three: I’ve just deleted what I’ve written. I’m starting to sound too anal.

Back to the main topic of changing something you don’t like.

I found it frustrating that Tartan Day was never celebrated in Vancouver. Sadly I seemed to be the only person that cared. What could I do? How could I change this unacceptable situation?


Start talking. Starting asking. Start leading the parade.

After many meetings the Scottish community backed my plan. Luckily my friend and “important Scottish person”, Rob MacNeil, jumped on the band wagon to help.

Did you know that if the idea has merit you can get the City of Vancouver to declare an official proclamation for you? It was a thrill to hear the words I had written about a day I was passionate about being read out on the steps of City Hall. It was even better to hear the gathered crowd applaud.

2015-04-08 15.41.43

Tartan for blog


The premise that one person can make a difference is in everyone’s grasp.

Even if you are a person that hates change.

2015-04-08 11.37.47


8 replies
  1. Todd Wong
    Todd Wong says:

    I miss my old Acura ’91 Integra…. and my old ’75 Camaro… But I like the heated seats, all wheel drive, sun roof, power seats, Blue tooth, USB ports and great sound system in my 2010 Acura RDX.

    And I like Tartan Day… Since 2008, we usually did a kilt walk from Robbie Burns Day to Mill Marine Bistro. But I skipped it this year to attend your event at City Hall. That was nice – thanks Tricia.

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      It was great to see you there Todd!! Hopefully we will be able to build a bigger and bigger Tartan Day event every year!! And we can both drive there in our fancy cars 🙂

  2. Lin
    Lin says:

    Oh, how familiar this sounds, Tricia! Right now I am rereading Pema Chodron’s COMFORTABLE WITH UNCERTAINTY… just because I am NOT!

  3. Wendy Fay
    Wendy Fay says:

    It is funny the way the thought of change makes us fearful.
    It does sometimes require a leap of faith !!
    But what a great feeling when it all works out !!

  4. Moira
    Moira says:

    We felt the same way when we gave up “Bruce” for “Soobs”. The new car looks great, though! And well done on Tartan Day!! Yes, change is hard, but new horizons are so exciting (as we’re learning!)

  5. RachelJeanDevlin
    RachelJeanDevlin says:

    Congratulations on your new car, and for making a change that was important to you, become important to others. You are an inspiration!
    In your new-smell car.
    With the sun roof.
    Sorry about Jon.


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