If you expect me to know some fancy words because I call myself a writer you are wrong. Not many unusual words come from my little brain. It’s the joy of dyslexia and the joy of keeping things simple. In fact, one of the reasons I like writing more than speaking is because I can check the dictionary before committing. If I use a word I want to use it well.

I am fascinated by the meaning of words. Many of us use them incorrectly. It’s probably just a bad habit but it can make you look foolish. Darn embarrassing at times. My editor can tell you horror stories about my mistakes. Too bad she doesn’t check over my blogs before they go out.

But go back to my point about the meaning of words. Why do certain words become popular? Not everything is worthy of “awesome” or “epic”, yet oddly enough, so many things today are one or the other. Interesting.

I have favourite words and purposely like to use them. I go through phases and when I reread my blogs, stories and even journal entries I see the different tendencies. “Indeed”, “intent” and “lovely” have had top billing lately. Another new one I adore is “torque”. I enjoy saying the word, I like how it sounds. I believe I’ve convinced my friend to call her new car “Torque.” Hopefully that will get me over this word obsession.

My other longtime favourite words are “juxtaposition” and “interesting.” Both can be perfect ways to comment on how I view life at almost any given time.

These days it seems we are constantly being misunderstood. Maybe the trouble is the words we are using. Or maybe it is the intent.

What are your favourite words? And when is the last time you actually looked up a definition? Do you use them to impress people or to make yourself understood? Has someone ever said something that hurt you, or made you cry, or made you fall in love?

Words are powerful and precious. Use them wisely.


The Oxford definition of “torque”

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  1. Denise Grams
    Denise Grams says:

    Another word I think you like is, shocking! – always expressed with the exclamation mark….
    One of my favorites is paradox…..as life seems to present itself to me that way so often.
    I love my dictionary and etiology….I wish I had studied Latin that offers such an insight into our language!


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