Hanging in my front entry is a handmade poster.  Right there for everyone to see.  It’s hideously personal yet out on display.  A “vision board” I created during a course with the inspirational Kelly Benson.

It’s a montage of the dreams, hopes, aspirations and goals I hope to accomplish.  A tapestry of pictures from magazines, my own photos, and lots of words; all to represent a vision of what I want from my life.  Or maybe need from my life?  Well, whether it’s want or need, the story this poster holds is a commentary of the dreams I hold dear.

I pass it countless times each day and it always captures my attention.  I have contemplated each idea and wondered if any will come true.

I don’t know about the power of vision boards, I bet many people make them and then never take another look at what they’ve put together.  Having to face mine every day pushes me forward.

It might be like the advice Billy Connolly gives out.  Write down three things you want on a small piece of paper and keep it in your wallet.  Make sure you can see it.  He proclaims that if you do this you will reap the rewards and get what you want.  Again, it’s a reminder of your intent. The jury’s out on this idea but if you look in my wallet you’ll see my list.

I don’t believe in the soft talking, hocus-pocus positive aspiration agenda.  I do believe you must work hard and control your karma. For me these are simple reminders and props I’m not able to ignore. A constant nudge to never forget where I want to go. A map.

A tiny bit of me thinks it’s working… but only time will tell.



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