They Are Watching

The government has been watching us for years. So am I stressed about the new allegations? No, not so much.

I had the power of the system work on my behalf eight years ago so I may be tainted.  It only took the government a mere 24 hours to track down and locate my birth mother.

The back story. I paid the local authorities $50 to have my adoption papers opened. (Let’s be honest, they did check me out before taking my money and approving the request) Then another $250 to have a special social worker do the search and initial contact.  In the end it took less than a day to track her down and give her a phone call.

Not a happy day for my dear old mom.

From her perspective having the government know so much about how, why and where was devastating.  No one is ever ready for a call proclaiming they know what you did 47 years ago and it’s coming back to bite you. It’s worse when you thought it was a secret deep in a confidential document.  Surprise!

So a sucky day for my birth mother.  She actually tried to deny the connection but was told, “We know, we’re the government”.


Being part of that process made me realize there are people all around that know too much.  About me, and probably about you.

My only defense is to tell the world my secrets first so maybe the sting of the reveal won’t cause so much chaos and pain.

Just my opinion… though I’m sure my birth mother begs to differ.

But I wouldn’t know, she refused to speak to me.



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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    I still find that so hard to understand, Tricia. I can’t imagine turning away your child. Of course, I don’t know her history. Maybe a very wounded person. But still….

  2. fellow traveller
    fellow traveller says:

    Two thoughts. Being revealed is so different than choosing to reveal. I agree the latter is preferable. There is a dignity then. Secondly, the view of and the support for single moms is so different now. Instead of praying for secrecy the prayers can be freely given to the benefit of the child. May you have a good life with much kindness.


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