The Others

It’s not very Christian of me. It’s not very kind of me. God knows it’s not very Canadian of me… but every time I hear or see another news story about the Syrian refugees I scream “Fuck off” and change the channel.

In the next breath I say, “What about the others?”

I can’t imagine the pain it must be to the people waiting for acceptance into our great country to feel they would’ve had a better chance if they had started their trek in Syria. Or when they do arrive they find that having the label “Syrian” attached to their papers would mean multitudes of welcoming gifts.

The bias and discrimination embarrasses me.

My Facebook feed is filled with the ongoing catastrophe in Nepal with the perfect storm of an earthquake and political mayhem. People are dying. Children are dying. I know many living there and see the devastation. It’s become personal.

Kathmandu has also taught me that destruction beyond our belief is going on all the time. It’s everywhere.

And no, we can’t help everyone. We just can’t.

But when we do open up our doors, let’s not show favour and decide which people landing on our shores deserve the bigger hug.

A wise friend tells me that the powers that be are making sure the discrimination we see on the news is not the full story. All refugees are getting help. I only wish our Prime Minister would remove the word “Syrian” next time he makes a statement about the refugees. Or better still, why doesn’t he go to the airport and personally welcome someone from Ghana?

I’d be pleased and proud and joining the chorus if every news story these days was about how we were welcoming all refugees into Canada.

For every man, woman and child, no matter what your colour, religious belief or nationality… if you are a refugee and come to Canada you will be equal.

I sense the tide is turning and more people are noticing.

I hope so.



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  1. Tina
    Tina says:

    Thank you Tricia. It is so true. I think of it all the time, especially these days.

    Merry Christmas my friend. I look forward to our Christmas Day walk!

    Tina xoxoxo


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