The List

Edward is a very good friend but Edward is starting to really bug me. Almost every time we chat he asks if I have written “the list” yet.

You see, Eddie knows that one day I will die (note to Eddie… we all die). He has been asking me for years to put a note up on my refrigerator to ask whoever finds my body to give him a phone call. Seems that Eddie doesn’t want to be left out of the loop and not know if I have slipped over to the other side.

I’m not about to make that list. I think it’s a stupid idea. And as I have pointed out to Eddie, I won’t care about what he thinks because I’ll be dead.

I did make another kind of list. It was a list of who would care. Or to be more exact, it was a list of people that would be impacted if I did leave.

Let’s be honest… everyone moves on and some a little quicker than others.

I found making this list was a huge eye-opener.

I’m not being morbid, just pointing out a fact. And I’m not asking for comments about who would care. I’m not looking for ego stroking.

We all want to think we make a difference. So many want to make an impact. Even more want to be remembered.

Maybe the last thing that will be said about me is, “Damn her, she didn’t leave a list.”



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