The Extra Mile

The keyboard on my phone was screwed. I didn’t know if the problem was it or me, so the simplest solution was to stop by the Rogers store. That’s where the young man who initially set up my phone works. He is brilliant and helpful. Luckily he was there and spent an hour helping me.  I came away with a newly installed keyboard and a huge savings on my monthly bill.  Have I mentioned I love this guy?

Well actually, I did mention I loved this guy.  And by the way, his name is Ally.

Back in February, when I first got this new phone, Ally was the sales rep I dealt with.  He was incredible. Everything a non-tech person like me wishes for when I have to dive into another realm of this fast paced, technology based society.

I wrote Rogers’ head office to tell them about my experience with Ally.  Besides a short call from the “President’s Office” to thank me for my letter, I never heard anything more from them.  As Ally fixed my keyboard problem he filled me in on what happened with the letter.  Apparently it went viral throughout the company.  Head office sent it out to some managers, they sent it out to staff, and it grew from there. Hundreds of people heard about this amazing man and how he helped me.

It was a good letter.  But more important, Ally is a good man and he got the recognition he deserved.  The whole scenario is serving him well.  He was blown away that I took the time to write. “Nobody does that anymore.”

Yesterday I watched a friend execute a perfect plan to thank someone for helping him. A surprise gift.  He wanted them to know how much he appreciated what they did and what they continued to do for him.  It’s a huge gesture and will probably be remembered forever.  As I say… a perfect plan.  And a perfect payback.  I was impressed and a little in awe.

That’s what we should be striving for.

Go the extra mile to let the people around us know they are cherished.  Don’t assume people “get it”… spell it out to them.

The ripple effects can be huge… and in ways you may never expect.

Don’t miss an opportunity… do yourself a favour, go make someone’s day.


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  1. Lin
    Lin says:

    I agree with every word, Tricia. No better goal in life than to try to make things better/happier for those whom we encounter as we move through life every day. 🙂


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