The C-Word

People casually use the F-word these days.  Fuck this, fuck that, fucking hell, he’s a fucker…. You fuck!

I find it hard to take when a person you assume never swears uses the word.  It’s a bit of a reality check.  When Mrs. B said it, I laughed.  I never thought of her as a person that would revert to using foul language.  She’s English, has a lovely soft accent, is 68 and regularly attends church.  Who knew she would let out an “Oh fuck!”

I told her it was OK to use that word but the C-word was definitely off limits.  She made a face when I even hinted about what seems to be one of our most naughty words.  I don’t even think she would say “the C-word” let alone the word itself.

Even I have a hard time typing the word.  Well OK, I don’t hesitate in my private correspondence, but here, on a blog, never!  (that’s not true… I will one day… maybe sooner than later.)

But let’s get back to the story.

Prim and proper Mrs. B went on to discuss the attributes of the F-word and the C-word. Fuck can be used in so many ways… nouns, verbs, adjectives… whereas with the C-word you are limited.  You can’t use it as a verb.  Interesting point Mrs. B.

Our language is evolving faster than we can absorb.  Our lives are evolving faster than we can absorb. Change is everywhere. This can be scary at times but in the right light it all seems so magical.

There might also be magic in finding a way to use the C-word as a verb. Think about it? This may open up a whole generation willing make it their own.


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  1. Cher
    Cher says:

    I have the vocabulary of a truck driver. The word fuck is part of my everyday vernacular. It comes from the company I keep and spending my youth in a male dominated career path. Having said that, someone can call me a fucking bitch…no problem … but call me a cunt and they’re out of my life. My x only did it once. The Scottish love that word … it’s common everyday and as much a part of their speech pattern as fuck is to me. Scottish Banter is one of my fave sites but I can’t share most of the stuff I get from them because of that stupid word. It’s embedded into their visuals… YES I should get over it. I bristle when church ladies look down their nose at me for my language so I should not judge lest I be judged myself. It’s only a word. Perhaps if I practised, I’d get over it.


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