I love serendipity. I love those little connecting moments. Some people believe you are in a state of heightened awareness when you start to notice these things.

Like when you first fall in love with someone… you marvel at how many things you have in common, how it all seems like fate… how it was so meant to be. “Oh my goodness, his middle name is the same as my favourite uncle’s… we both hate sushi and Bob Dylan… we must be meant for each other!!”

It’s really bullshit.

But I like looking at it. Connecting dots. I do it for my own amazement.  It’s probably the reason I also enjoy astrology. The phases of the moon, the ebb and flow of currents. I like coinciding dates and time. I won’t bore you with examples, but life and happenstance can be pretty strange. Usually it all passes by without us even noticing.

I’m obviously in a heightened straight of awareness right now, no, I’m not in love with someone, I’m writing a blog and already on my second pint.

But that’s not the point.  And to be honest there really is no point. Or maybe the point is that with our busy lives we don’t stop and really notice the little moments that make life seem special.

Special and strange… I am looking out across a beach to a rocky crag where I stood nine months ago and took a picture of the spot where I’m sitting right now. That stunning photo is the homepage on my computer.

There is no explanation except a magic bit of serendipity that has allowed me to be here again and experiencing the weird paradigm shift of looking back at myself.

Or maybe just pure bullshit and I shouldn’t have ordered that second pint if I had not finished writing my blog.

Or maybe the person I can see off in the distance, standing on that crag will show up in this room later on.  We will end up chatting, we will be amazed at the serendipity of the chance meeting… and we might both be amazed to equally hate Bob Dylan.

God I love serendipity.

2013-04-15 #23 From big rock web

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    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      Thanks Lin… as I was finishing the blog a couple came in and sat near me obviously on a “first date”. They had SO much in common and kept chatting about the “little things”… I had to keep from laughing out loud!! Life is funny!!


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