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I rarely write blogs about my day job- personal training. The mantra I follow is “it’s personal”, so my training with specific people doesn’t usually equate to others. We are all individuals with specific wants and needs.

Another thing I rarely do is give someone a nickname.

This blog will be different.

A client needed a good long term goal. She had already reached the specific bench posts set for herself at our initial meeting so it was time to push her past her new limits. My suggestion to run a half-marathon was met with a firm no. Little did she know I would ignore her input. Planting a seed is easy; sowing the seed is a little more time intensive. For months I talked as if we would do the half-marathon and how much fun it would be. She resorted to giving me dirty looks. I kept yapping away about the great adventure.

She finally gave in. It became my job to make this a success.

The actual race will be exciting; crossing the finish line will be momentous.

But long distance training can be boring. Giving someone a nickname can add a little spice to conversations, “OK Squirrel, run faster, keep up with me!” (I have to admit this part might be a little more fun for me than my client.)

To make each run entertaining I search for interesting routes. And to add an extra incentive I thought bringing along a mascot would be fun. That is how Squirrel became part of our running team.

Squirrel getting ready to run across LionsGate Bridge

Squirrel getting ready to run across LionsGate Bridge

I didn’t want to miss out so I also got a mascot for me. Meet Baby Crow.

Baby Crow resting before long run home

Baby Crow resting before long run home

You can follow Squirrel’s training for the Seattle Half-Marathon on Twitter with @runsquirrelrun! 

There are many programs and books you can use to train for a half marathon and safely cross the finish line. But the hours pounding the pavement are tedious.

Carrying a little stuffed animal with you is silly.

Instead of telling my client to run faster, I get to wave Baby Crow at her and scream, “Caw caw caw!!!”

I love my job.


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