Bedside Manner

More people should be taught about the benefits of a good bedside manner.

This morning I had an ultra-sound.

First of all, let me say that I am thankful to live in British Columbia, Canada, where our health care system allows me to have the ultra-sound without an invoice afterwards. I also feel blessed to have a fantastic doctor. I know I’m a lucky person.

But back to that bedside manner issue.

I understand the technician is not allowed to tell you what they are seeing. You have to wait the 2-3 days to get a report from your doctor. Yes, I understand the entire premise. What I don’t understand is pulling a grim face while you are doing the procedure? The smallest bit of chit-chat would help. Your silence is disturbing. How about asking me how my day is going? Anything? Fake it even if you see a massive tumour that will kill me by Christmas. Your gruff barks of “big breath,” “turn to your side,” and “we’re done” does not help the situation.

You planted some pretty big seeds.

In the light of day I can tell myself you were having a stressful day and maybe your cat is sick. I can make excuses for your lack of consideration towards me.

But tonight, at around 3am I will wake up and the whole scenario will start to run through my head. Sooner than you can say “inoperable” my mind will be telling me I need to revise my will and think about blowing my RRSP’s on a big vacation.

Our minds can drive us crazy. In the middle of the night they they can wreak havoc.

An ultrasound technician having a bad day can be the trigger to a long night of me planning my epilogue.



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