After my blog last week a few people informed me that while they enjoyed the story, they needed to point out Humza Yousaf was not Scottish. This counter information was passionately given as to why a dark skinned man that Wikipedia proclaimed was “Islam” could not be considered Scottish.


Everyone is allowed their beliefs.

I might have balked and argued more if I had been told I was not Canadian. (By the way, I did balk and argue in Humza’s defense; how could I not?)

If you follow their line of thinking, I am not Canadian because I’m a Tibetan Buddhist. Even though I was born in Vancouver, my religion supersedes everything.  Does this mean I must now hand over my passport? Or give up my spiritual practice? Such a dilemma.

Does it come down to DNA and not where you are born? Yippee I say to that… then I get to be Scottish! But wait, I love being Canadian. We are a good folk. (Sorry, but I just have to point that out.)

How about what we love? Can we decide where we belong on that basis?

I’m positive Humza loves Scotland. But then again, he loves his family and friends. Maybe we should go back to my point from last week’s post. I believe he is a good man.

This leads to another angle. Shall we start giving out passports based on kindness?

I would love to see how and who would decide the credentials for that.

I’m Canadian, Humza’s Scottish. Get over it. No piece of paper can or will ever show what is in our hearts.


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