I should be flattered, all day long people have been asking, “Where’s the blog?”

Why I promised I would post every Wednesday I will never know? But I do know! I’m lazy and if I didn’t make the commitment I would blog a few times then life would get in the way and weeks and maybe even months would go by without a word. I am predictable. And clever enough to justify every procrastination. So I made the promise to blog.

I posted my first blog on May 29, 2013. Since then I think I’ve missed two Wednesdays. A pretty good record.

This past week I started writing my second book. The stories for the book could have been made into blogs but I thought they were a little too “booky”. This left a void for today.  So for the last 13 hours I have bounced countless ideas around in my head about what to write. Nothing grew to more than a simple thought or at most a sentence or two.

See what I mean…

“People should take down their Christmas lights”

“I’m seeing my family doctor today for the last time. She is retiring and has been my doctor for 20 years. We’ve been through a ton together.  Way too many pap-smears!!”

“YoYo Ma is coming back to Vancouver and I have tickets!”

“I’ll say it again, if you want to lose weight, eat less…. Really, eat less!”

“Why do people give people the silent treatment?”

“Will we have enough people to read Robbie Burns’ poetry on January 25 to break the 6 hour world record for continual recitations?”

“Don’t even get me started on Woody Allen”

“No matter what you are doing, listening to great music can make anything better!”

I bet I could have made a blog out of each and every one of these thoughts… but I promised a funny, ironic and happy topic this week and that would have been a stretch.  OK, the piece about Woody would have been funny, and I bet I could have made you smile with a rant about January weight loss schemes!

Next week will be much better.  I promise.

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