In The End…

In the end, it all comes down to the experiences you get to share with the people around you. And maybe more important, did those experiences bring some happiness, to you, and them?

Or maybe, just maybe, in the end I’ll know a little more about Robbie Burns?

Today is the last day of my contract working with the tremendous group of people at the Centre for Scottish Studies at Simon Fraser University. – Leith Davis, the Director, and “my boss” (she brought me on board), John Craig, our Dean, (and go-to man when you need a great speaker) and the lovely Kaila Langevin (was always there!).

I can’t believe it’s been two years.

I can’t believe SFU actually let me be a part of this great place. Thank goodness no one ever asked for my educational background. Some things are better left unsaid.

It has been a blessing and an important piece of the puzzle in my Scottish life.

During my time at SFU I was given the opportunity to create and put on some amazing events. No doubt some future blogs will probe into the outcome of some of the endeavours.

The most important was the Burns Marathon, the Robbie Burns Day Reading Marathon to be exact.

It’s the reason I got to work at SFU. My insane idea to set a world record for the continuous recitation of Burns’ poetry and song. Leith OK’d the premise and it grew from there.

It is the people I met at the Marathon that have had the biggest hold on my heart. They are the reason this ending is a little bitter sweet. For three years we came together to celebrate a man’s creative and personal statements. Robbie is the Scot the Scot’s love. I loved to watch as people took their turn at the podium and I heard in their voice a true affection and collaboration with the words. I got to hear the heartfelt stories about why specific poems were important. I witnessed many tears. I shared many smiles. Above all, I hope the Marathon made a great many people happy.

I believe Mr. Burns would have loved every minute.

I know I did.

With Rob MacNeil from the SFU Pipe Band at the 2014 Burns Marathon

With Rob MacNeil from the SFU Pipe Band at the 2014 Burns Marathon

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  1. eleanor
    eleanor says:

    Great Pic of you. Thanks for keeping me on your list. I will be finishing my contract in the next few weeks. Thank goodness.
    Hope you have many endeavours on your plate, as this seems to be the way you like to function. Miss our chats. My back still sore at times. Going to try physiotherapy for a while.

  2. Ingeborg Brown
    Ingeborg Brown says:

    Wishing you only great things for a happy and fruitful future. I hope you find more time to dedicate to writing and let me know when you’re ready to follow through on our conversation! Here’s to happy endeavours.


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