In defense of the selfie

Let me speak on behalf of the “selfie”.

When did it get such a negative connotation?

Maybe it’s a lot easier to explain the annoyance of “selfies” by looking at the Kardashian Klan. Do we really need to see another picture Kim has taken of herself? No.

But not all “selfies” are annoying.

The “selfie” is a victim of bad press. A “selfie” is just a picture of you, taken by yourself. So what? Really, what is the big deal?

And a question… if I asked you to take my picture is that now called a “youie”?

Selfie walk

View from the cruise ship terminal.



Lately, I’ve spent my evenings walking around some of Vancouver’s iconic tourist sites.



When I see someone struggling to take a shot of themselves surrounded by the harbor with the mountains in the background I always ask if I can take the picture for them. They always say yes. No one has ever said… “No, I really just want to take a selfie so it won’t count if I don’t do this on my own.”

This has led to some wonderful chats. People on holidays are usually in a good mood. They are agog by Vancouver’s beauty. The young couple I met last night was thrilled to discover that if they walked to the end of the pier a big bald eagle was sitting on a pole just waiting for photo opts. They hurried away with the “youie” I had taken of them.

A bald eagle watching some tourists.

A bald eagle watching some tourists.

I love words but we can’t label everything. Or maybe what I’m trying to say is we can’t judge everything.

My dear friend, Jen, took a “selfie” of us… so does this make it an “usie”? Selfie #1I cropped the shot to use as an on-line profile picture. I don’t even want to think how to label that variation! Selfie #1In the end a “selfie” is just a picture, a “youie” is just a picture, and that old framed snapshot of my mother is just a picture. Who cares who took it? If it’s a photograph of someone you care about it will be precious for years to come.

A “selfie” is just a silly name for a picture.

A “youie” means you had to speak to someone to get the job done.


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