Fred Latremouille

“Fred Latremouille has died.”

Twitter must be wrong, there is no way Fred could be dead, no way.

Twitter was right. So I cried.

In the mid 70’s I was a chubby, acne-faced, broken teenager and Fred Latremouille’s biggest fan. When Fred was on CFUN in the afternoons I was always listening. My world revolved around him. I phoned into his show almost every day and more often than not he put me on the air. Too many times I played hooky from school and made the trek across town to sit in the studio and watch Fred live. The vice-principal at my high school told my dad that sometimes he only knew I was still around was because he would hear me on Fred’s show. Dad was not impressed but my family made concessions around my obsession. We would not sit down to eat until Fred’s show ended at 6pm. Once Fred signed off the air I was free to come to the dinner table.

I was Fred Latremouille’s biggest fan.

Fred showed me a kindness we always hope for. A kindness rarely seen, a kindness beyond explanation, a kindness that showed the depth of who Fred was. It’s a kindness most aspire to have but rarely own. Fred’s kindness redirected my life.

Through twists and turns I morphed from the avid fan to the professional colleague. Fred was always there. He was greatly admired by most at the broadcasting school I attended. He was a close friend of my boss at the recording studio where I got my first professional job. He was the voice I hired when I produced the Kokanee Beer ads during my years at the advertising agency.

The last time we spoke it was about a health concern Fred was dealing with. By that time we had both left the broadcasting world. During the conversation Fred remarked that it was funny we had kept in contact all these years. “Who would have thought?”

After that last phone call I sent Fred a note thanking him. I wanted him to know that deep down inside, the chubby, acne-faced, broken child was grateful that the famous radio star, Fred Latremouille, had always treated her like a cherished friend.

Every once in a while you reflect back on your life and the decisions you’ve made.

Opting to be Fred Latremouille’s biggest fan was one of my best.

A visit with Fred at CFUN

A visit with Fred at CFUN


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  1. Another Wendy A.
    Another Wendy A. says:

    Hi Tricia,
    Still am in shock over the news even though it’s been just over a week. Your recognizing his worth in your life was very touching and it’s wonderful you did keep in touch all those years. How tragic, as Wayne Cox alluded to, that the Hodgkins treatments played a huge part in his early demise. He did so well after the very drastic treatments he had to endure those many years ago now.
    I also used to call in when he was at KISSFM and spoke to him both on and off the air. Loved his laugh, even can hear it in my head as well as his distinctive voice. His jokes were so fantastic, I’d be laughing all the way to VGH where I worked as an RN and it was a wonderful way to begin my day shifts at 7 am, not being a ‘morning person’ at all. He was naughtiness, cheekiness and innocence all rolled into one wonderful man. No wonder Cathy fell in love with him working so closely those years past.
    Was at Christ Church Cathedral today as my dad being gone was a 6 year anniversary today and I like to light a candle on the day. Speaking to some of the staff there, I inquired if they had heard of any memorial for Fred being held in Vancouver yet. They said they had heard there would be one but that it would be in awhile.
    I keep thinking the memorial should include some of the music Fred and Cathy played in those years past, music from the years ago as we were all growing up with our radios. As when Rick Honey had passed, the memorial was so well attended there was an overflow into the vestry and a downstairs room. For Fred, I think Rogers Arena could be filled with those fans of Fred and family & friends.
    I send you my condolences as for you it’s the loss of a friend, mentor and almost a brother with the kindnesses you received from this generous hearted man.
    I know he rests in peace with all the love that has flowed to his spirit.


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