I had not done any regular weight training for months.

This was a problem.

Yes, I’ve had many substantial reasons for my lapse and can easily explain away the transgression. Doctors and tests and just plain laziness have ruled the day.

Now my sabbatical is over.

There was no aha moment, health conscious awakening or excessive weight gain that triggered the comeback. There was the knowledge that my 57th birthday is looming and looking old is bad but looking old and out-of-shape is embarrassing; especially if you’re a personal trainer.

I needed to get back into shape. I needed help. I needed some motivation. I needed a time and place and commitment.

Luckily a casual conversation morphed into the opportunity to team up with a friend. We are about the same age and fitness level. She is a happy soul and fun to be with. Our schedules tend to align. She’s not intimidated by me. (This last sentence is a key factor.)

This woman actually tells me what to do. She’s never afraid to say, “Shouldn’t you be doing 20 reps?” We both have input into the exercises and intensity. We both push each other. This is good. She is impressive.

The last time I worked out and took direction from someone was when I briefly hired the man that went on to train Farrah Fawcett. We had a good working arrangement; every time he asked me to do an exercise I made him do squats. I have a feeling Farrah was easier to deal with.

As of last month I am no longer living a lie. The sun shines, a BOSU ball and free weights get dragged out to the park and we train.

bosu on beachMy body keeps sending me messages that this feels like glorious crap. The mixture of pain and strength is a reminder that muscles don’t age and are ready to spring into action if given half a chance… or squat… or pec fly.

Blog weights

Maybe this is how looking up at the sky is supposed to be?

Everyone has their own reason for sitting on the couch or starting to move. Each is valid and has merit. My reasons don’t matter, only your thoughts count.

The trick is to never be in denial. Own the moment.


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  1. Lin
    Lin says:

    Good for you, Tricia, and what a beautiful view you have! I agree about feeling embarrassed if I feel I look (or know I am) out of shape.
    But I disagree that looking old is bad! Lol Looking old is glorious, as itroves one is still alive and aging gracefully, not fighting it all the way. Wait ’til you’re old like me! Embrace it, but stay young and beautiful inside, as you are.

  2. Deb
    Deb says:

    I gave up on the “daily exercise” regime. Just the thought of it made it unlikely to happen. Now I concentrate on trying to incorporate exercise into my regular daily life. I climb stairs whenever they’re around me. When watching TV I use my body as an exercise machine – pushing hands together against each other, pushing legs down against the couch. When working at my desk I flex my gluts – bouncing up and down in the chair. Cooking provides a lot of opportunities that can be exaggerated – eg mashing potatoes – I whip them manually til my arms burn. While waiting for coffee to boil I’ll do side bends.

    If you don’t have time for a regular workout or just can’t motivate yourself to do a workout regularly – fit some exercise in whenever and however you can!

  3. Wendy Fay
    Wendy Fay says:

    What can I say? Tricia is my trainer !!
    I don’t always like doing it, but I know I have become much stronger,
    and I feel healthier for my efforts.
    At 76 years old, I am hoping Tricia will help me to continue to work at
    feeling good .( and to avoid the home for as long as possible)

  4. Moira
    Moira says:

    Our trainer is 10 years older than us, and she absolutely kicks our butt every time we see her! And it’s fantastic! Taking direction from someone else pushes our bodies further than we would push ourselves (for me, I think it’s because I want to show her that we’re as strong as she thinks we are ). In the end, our bodies can often take on more than we give them credit for. We just have to tell our minds to believe that. Always a work in progress!

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      If someone looked at you they would believe you COULD do anything (and of course I include your impressive husband in that comment) We make a decision everyday to do something. Sometimes it’s positive, sometimes negative, sometimes neutral. If you know someone is watching then what you do usually changes. We humans are so funny.


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