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13 Reasons Why

When my friend told me to watch the new Netflix hit 13 Reasons Why I asked him for one reason why I should. He told me it was the best thing he’d ever watched. When a 16 year old says that you need to listen. His brief summary sold me, “A girl makes 13 tapes […]

Dale Jr Retires

The plan was to write a witty blog about the weather in Vancouver and how annoying I am with my Pollyanna attitude. But like most agendas that involve our skies around the Lower Mainland, my idea got blown away with yesterday’s devastating news. Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced his retirement from NASCAR car racing. Most people […]


My friend had a broken heart and decided to get back out there to hasten the mending process. He’d heard my tales from people I know that have found love on Match.com. I was thrilled he was going to take the leap and sign up. I didn’t foresee he would ask me to join him. […]

It Was Funny

It made her laugh. The only good thing about the lead up to today’s colonoscopy was that it made a good story to tell my dear client that had just been put into a care home. Anne has Alzheimer’s and I’ve worked with her for ten years.  I’ve seen the steady decline. But I’ve also […]

The Depression Dance

I battle depression but it’s not always a fight… Sometimes it’s a negotiation. Sometimes even a partnership. Lately there has been some give and take. Life changes, the disease changes and I’ve certainly changed. I believe the trick is to live a life where you can learn what can help. Luckily it’s 2017 and the […]

A gut feeling about Rona Ambrose

I walked across Library Square and a dark skinned man called out to me, “Jesus loves you!” I smiled and replied, “Thanks… Buddha loves you.”  He waved and hollered, “Cool!!!” How simple it would be if life were always like that. Two people with different religions just spreading a little love. No agenda. No criteria. […]

Talking About Rebus

When I finished Ian Rankin’s latest Rebus novel, Rather Be The Devil, all I wanted to do was chat with my Dad.  The book ends with a twist I know he would have loved. Funny how our minds work…  I had completely forgotten about the endless lunches Dad and I spent talking about our mutual […]

That pissed you off?

These last couple of weeks has tried my patience and stoked my resolve. A broken phone, work problems, and endless bureaucracy timesucks. Through it all I’ve attempted to keep my heart empathetic and my language as tame as it can be when I’m upset. I’ll let the people around me judge how I did… Well […]

Watching People Watching

I love to walk. And as I write this blog I realize I probably got it from my Dad. He walked. Anyone that has the habit of going for long walks knows it’s more than just moving your feet. It’s time to think, and for me, the space to contemplate almost anything. My greatest walk […]

Glass Half Full

Really… 2016 is the worst year ever? Really? It’s not only the media spouting the mantra but most everyone I chat with. This leads me to think I either have a very sheltered life, or I’m a little bit too “glass half full.” I’m just not buying into the 2016 negative hype. My life isn’t […]