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Glass Half Full

Really… 2016 is the worst year ever? Really? It’s not only the media spouting the mantra but most everyone I chat with. This leads me to think I either have a very sheltered life, or I’m a little bit too “glass half full.” I’m just not buying into the 2016 negative hype. My life isn’t […]

Goodbye Bob

There was an old world charm about him. Decent, respectful and kind.  He spoke and thought in measured tones. You don’t see this type of man around much anymore. Old school, pragmatic and honourable to the core. And his best quality? Bob Calder loved his family. And hockey, Bob loved hockey. He wore a plaid […]

Life is short

Do you have one of those special friends? No matter how long you’ve been apart, once you reconnect the rapport takes minutes to revive. Year’s slip away. Conversations continue without hesitation. There’s an agreement we don’t need to explain. The phenomenon is close to magic and maybe even a little bit spooky. In my world […]

Speak Up

I will never fully recover from being sexually abused and that’s OK. It’s given me empathy. I’m not bitter or mad, but after November 8th I’m afraid. Allowing Trump to exist says we are abandoning all those that need our help. Collectively they’ve been thrown under the bus. It seems America has said they will […]


On April 10, 2013 I wrote my first blog. It was all about Intent. I blabbed on about what the word meant to me and the people around me. I also proclaimed it was my intent to write a blog every Wednesday. Done. One hundred and eighty-three blogs later I can safely say I did […]

A Funny Moment

It’s the little moments. The time when something makes you smile, or laugh. Jasper Fforde’s workshop at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference was all about humour in writing. Over breakfast the next day, we chatted about how you can write about the most horrific event and still make the audience smile. Writing humour wasn’t on […]

Step Up

I’ve always volunteered. It’s become part of my life. It’s also an easy way to meet interesting people and do different things. Big jobs or little projects, it doesn’t matter. Early on I was manning phones at the Variety Club Telethon. Then I did a stint at the Vancouver Triathlon. For a couple of years […]

Take A Stand

I’ve never been a Miley Cyrus fan. I don’t like the sound of her voice. I’ve always dissed her and her public image. It was fun and became a joke with my friends. Miley’s news this week made my decision take a serious turn. She appears in Woody Allen’s next film and has said, “Until […]

Leo and the Hole

The US election has made me long for the good old days of the “West Wing.” It’s still my favourite show and once a year I binge watch the first four seasons. Those are the episodes written by Aaron Sorkin. This week a post on my Facebook feed had the famous Leo quote. Link to […]

Seaforth Highlanders

I wanted blog about how the Seaforth Highlanders held a huge celebration this past Saturday to mark their return to the Seaforth Armoury. Instead, I spent most of the day mulling over the juxtaposition this held for me. The world is crazy right now.  So many places where guns are causing havoc. And here I […]