Who’s Your Favourite Canadian Hero?

“Anne Murray.”

“Really, that’s your favourite Canadian hero? I would have thought maybe singer, but hero?”

My reply could have and maybe should have been, “You stupid idiot, Anne Murray is no hero! She hasn’t even had a hit song for like 50 years!”

And in that small exchange I demonstrate one of our Canadian traits, politeness.

For the last few days I have been asking people who is Canada’s most famous hero. The answers have been predictable and odd and telling. We Canadians are a strange bunch. And we are opinionated! (In a very polite way.)

Being Canadian has made me smug. I can’t help feeling just a little superior when someone asks where I was born and I get to say “Canada.”

I have no idea what twist of fate and karma allowed me to be born in Vancouver but each and every day I feel blessed. You may complain about politics, taxes, the weather or god-forbid, multiculturalism, but I just smile and feel smug. I get to live here.

I am Canadian.

So on this Canada Day I can’t help but have a smirky little smile on my face.

I love Canada.

And my favourite Canadian hero? Terry Fox.

Vancouver's Lions Gate Bridge              (photo credit: Robin Adair)

Vancouver’s Lions Gate Bridge (photo credit: Robin Adair)

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  1. Cathy neumann
    Cathy neumann says:

    Oh Canada, Oh Canada! Happy Canada Day. My spouse and I could get married nearly a decade before U.S. Supreme Ct’s recent decision on same-sex marriage. Thank you Canada for being a country filled with kind, open-hearted and yes, polite people.

    • Wendy A.
      Wendy A. says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Understand your sentiment although not gay, but certainly support the rights of all citizens as we do here in Canada. When I now see young men holding hands, always go up to them and say, “This is good to see.” Tonight, the third time and how fitting for Canada Day to speak to two very nice young men who turned to me after I just said the above phrase and hugged me. That’s truly Canada – accepting of all!

  2. Wendy A.
    Wendy A. says:

    Here is my ‘list’ of Canadian heroes and/or Canadians I greatly admire:
    In no particular order:
    Cmdr. Chris Hadfield, Terry Fox, Gordon Lightfoot, Donovan Bailey – all who have contributed so much to creating our sense of unity & pride in our identity.
    Karen Magnussen, Lauren B. Davis, Silken Laumann, Sarah Polley.
    All these listed for different reasons. Some have had many challenges during their lives but have persisted with fervour and passion to succeed.
    There are so many more.

    • Tricia
      Tricia says:

      A really great list Wendy! It was interesting to note which names got repeated when I asked people the question. It certainly is a reflection on people’s individual likes/dislikes!!


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