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This week, a prompt for our writing group asked, “Do you sweat the small stuff?” My answer was that I no longer wanted to sweat the small stuff; I’m much more interested in the big picture. I default to the broad view and even more so, the important ideas. We all wondered if part of getting older meant you let go of the little things? Or maybe we don’t care as much?

I think we start to care even more but our perspective changes.

And even if I try not to sweat the small stuff I know how to deal with the tiny bits and value all the little things that make up the big picture.

Anyone who knows me knows I love Yo-Yo Ma. I got to see him play live this past weekend and watching him is as much as an experience as hearing him play. The joy on his face and in his entire body oozes as he plays. I feel he loves the moment as much as the audience does. The passion is palpable. Taking away that thought is a huge lesson in itself.

The privilege of seeing Yo-Yo Ma is a reminder of how fortunate my life is.

But back to those little things… We better not sweat them but they are important.

I’m aware cameras and recording devises are not permitted at these events. This is a performance put on by the Vancouver Recital Society at the Orpheum Theatre. This is not some pop concert where a sea of cell phone screens follow the star’s every move. No one was taking a selfie here. But as Yo-Yo finished his second encore and took his last bow, I pulled out my phone and grabbed one quick shot. Then because it’s what I do, I tweeted the picture and comment out into the world.

The next day comes the email from the Vancouver Recital Society. They noticed I took the picture, (and how could they not since I added their name into the tweet!!) They politely noted my lapse in following the rules. Then they asked if they could use my picture in their newsletter. How cute is that?

There were lots of little things that made the Yo-Yo Ma concert note-worthy. Sharing the experience with a good friend that loves classical music even more than I do. Crossing off a bucket-list item.  Seeing and then “turning the other cheek” when I saw a person best left in the past. Spending two hours transported to a melodic, creative place I sometimes forget exists. Getting my picture included in the Vancouver Recital Society’s newsletter.

The big picture?  Appreciating all those little things adding up in a very good way.

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