It’s the reaction that makes me want to do it again and again.

But the first time was just a fluke.

On one of our perfect summer evenings, I was at Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park looking for spot to take a picture of the sunset. The shots I was capturing were OK but this one took my breathe away.

2015-10-21 17.59.47I showed it to the couple and their reaction was much the same. I offered to email the picture to them. Their appreciation gave me more joy than the picture alone ever could.

van dusen blogThe one at the Van Dusen Garden’s Christmas display was a little more contrived. This couple was standing behind me as I snapped away. I asked if they would sit on the bench so I could add some context. And yes, within minutes I had sent them the picture… she was a little giddy at it all. Even from behind they look very much in love.

another for blogI was again struck with how easy it is to make people happy with a simple little gift.

2016-01-09 09.41.22 Too many Facebook posts are quotes from worthy people imploring us to perform acts of kindness. I really have no time for that type of beseeching. Who doesn’t know that we should be kind to each other? We should strive to make each other happy.

On my daily walks I always have an eye out for the perfect picture. There is now the added intent on spreading some joy.

pic for blogWhen I show people the picture I’ve taken of them (which many don’t even know I’m doing as I click away) I watch their faces as they see the photo. That is the image I want to keep.

2016-01-09 08.48.26

Their reaction makes me happy.

and for blog




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