Men In Kilts

A good looking man in a kilt.  This is a phrase I can say to almost any other woman and her reaction will be the same. A smile or nod or comment to voice her approval. I don’t know of many iconic images that evoke such consensus. Women love men in kilts.

I can say this even with my dismay of generalizations.

Last weekend I spent the entire time surrounded by men and women in kilts. The women don’t attract as much attention.  Not all the men were good looking. But even unattractive males wearing a kilt display manliness hard to ignore.

One of the perks of my work with the putting on Scottish events is that I attend many local Highland Games.  Those celebrations where you spend the day surrounded by bagpipes, dancers and people throwing cabers. There’s whisky tasting, haggis eating and enough culture to stir even non-Scottish hearts.

And then there’s the men in kilts.  Everywhere you look is the intoxicating sway as they walk.

Please don’t think it has anything to do with the humorous connotations about what a man wears under his kilt.  Trust me, it is not a factor.

On Saturday a young man competed in the hammer throw competition. Unlike the other contestants he wore a dress kilt. Each and every pleat in place, the heavy material hanging to perfection.  As he spun the 22 pound hammer high over his head he held his body in place.  His kilt flared out with each rotation. The hammer flew out into the field surpassing the hundred foot mark.  We all cheered his strength and the young woman next to me squealed her approval.

I’m embarrassed to say after he won the competition the cat calls started for him to throw again but this time to do it shirtless.  My goodness, aren’t we predictable. And isn’t it a little embarrassing to be so blatant.  It was all that and I stayed to watch.

The pipe bands, highland dancing and whisky tasting would have to wait.

It does not get better than a young, handsome, bare-chested man in a kilt putting on a show.



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